Pratima Kramer

Pratima KramerPratima’s love of art has been lifelong, even though she originally trained as a scientist. Pratima started studying at various universities through their open study programmes. She loves being creative and primarily makes her art in mixed media and ceramics.

Through Pratima’s ongoing experimentation she has developed a personalised style of creating distinctive forms of composition, harmony and mood. The artefacts that frequently appear in Pratima’s work are collected from her travels throughout India, as she tries to encapsulate all aspects of the country including the magnificent sculptures and stunning textures.

Pratima has discovered that acrylic paint allows her to do heavy and bold collages, whereas oil paint allows her to capture the vibrancy and luminosity she desires. Pratima experiments with the interplay of textures, textiles and colour in an attempt to capture the energy, vitality and vibrancy that attracts her to her subjects.

Pratima participates in London art fairs and regular exhibitions (solo as well as group), as well as regular showcases with the Open Studio. Teaching has also been part of Pratima’s work as she does workshops in schools, inspired by culture and curriculum themes.