Handmade Jewellery by Amanda Cope

Amanda Cope

Amanda Cope

Based in Wiltshire, Amanda uses only locally sourced materials and UK suppliers to ensure that all of her pieces are of the highest quality. Her ability to incorporate a mix of materials including silver, gemstones, wood, glass, acrylic, paper and clay, ensures that her custom designed pieces are unique and highly sought after.

Amanda designs and creates each pattern, guaranteeing the individuality of each piece through her hand finishing process. The attention to detail, which she gives to each piece, ensures that her customers can appreciate the labour of love behind each one.

Amanda’s biggest desire is that her brand ‘MarMoo’ will bring a smile to people’s faces. It is Amanda’s passion for creativity and innovation that has seen MarMoo go from strength to strength since its inception. Always looking for new ways to express her creativity, Amanda is committed to developing new techniques and dreaming up new designs.

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