Anneli Boon

Anneli-Boon 1000 x 700 pixelsAnneli (Lievonen) Boon was born in Finland, where her roots still remain, providing much of the inspiration behind her work.

She came to England in 1970 and since then has made her family home in Hertfordshire, where she also studied, gaining a BA (Hons) in Art and Design.

Most of her art is made in collage form using powerful colours and a minimalist approach. For her collage medium, Anneli prepares assorted papers to which she applies colour using mainly acrylic paints. These provide the palette for the making of her pictures. Her latest interest is to paint quirky, fantasy birds, which have totally smitten her.

All of her work is composed by imagination, dreams and layering of observations. Anneli creates exciting, personal images, but also encourages the viewer to visualise their own interpretation. Many of her images are suitable for textile and card designs.

Since 1993, Anneli’s work has been commissioned and sold to private collections nationally and internationally and a number of commercial organizations – including Wessex Water, Nokia, KPMG, Microsoft, Ramada Hotel Group, Center Parcs and Wetherspoon pub/restaurant – have purchased and hired her work.