Eleanor Butler

Eleanor ButlerA driving force for my art has always been the desire to make something that brings me joy to create. I love using colour to create fun pieces of art.

I graduated from Newcastle University studying a BA (Hons) in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies. Towards the end of my studies I realised I wanted to follow my passion for art. Up until then I had focused on using acrylic paint to create portraits. I now continue to work with acrylic paint but am experimenting with using it in a more abstract and fluid way.

After seeing videos of alcohol ink online I decided to try my hand at it and loved the freedom of the medium. I developed my alcohol ink skills on different surfaces but enjoyed working on ceramic tile the most. I decided to make my painted tiles into coasters to pair colourful art and functionality together for the perfect home decoration. After painting the tile with alcohol ink, I use resin to make the coaster heat-resistant and protect against UV rays. This also gives the coasters a gorgeous glossy look.