Isabelle Beaubien

Isabelle Beaubien

Born in Montreal in 1980, Isabelle studied Fine Art at Concordia University, later moving to the South of France to specialise in Contemporary Art where she gained a master’s degree from The Villa Arson, Nice.

For the last seven years, Isabelle has lived and worked in London. Inspired by two of the most important artists of this century, Donald Judd and Gerhard Richter, her mixed media paintings combine vibrant, dynamic colours that generate excitement and emotion. Similar to Richter’s technique, she doesn’t paint with brushes; she takes a chance in one stroke that may or may not result in a great painting.

Her attraction for the uncertainty, combined with the fact that she can never predict the final result, provokes a surprisingly happy reaction when the colours interact perfectly with each other. Isabelle never retouches a painting; it’s a one-shot process. The effortless beauty achieved is a result of acrylic paint and resin. The glossy finish and sensation of depth make the paintings look almost sculptural.


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