Judith Handford

Artist Judith Handford, husband Paul and young daughter Georgina share their Essex home with one Spaniel, nine guinea pigs, two fish tanks and until recently, three ageing cats, whose antics, particularly in their youth, provided the inspiration for much of her work. Judith now paints dogs, rabbits, fish, penguins and even spiders and snakes if that is what you want; all in her whimsical cartoon style.

Judith’s Kat Collection range of cute cartoons hand-painted to order onto elegant white porcelain, which is sourced and bought in plain white form. After it is cleaned, the designing and painting can start to take place. Once the paint is dry, it is fired – at home in the family’s main oven!

The porcelain and paint are both dishwasher-proof, but like all hand-produced items, they must be treated with care, and never scoured or cleaned with abrasives. Judith is always on the lookout for porcelain items that can be painted, or ideas for personalisation, and welcomes any suggestions.



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