Kathy Gales

Kathy GalesKathy has a variety of styles and techniques and enjoys exploring new ways of creating images. The graphic work she produces is often completed on scraper board, a working method that requires discipline and careful planning. Whilst enjoying the attention to detail required in this type of art she also loves to produce images that are more imaginative and expressive.

Using collage and mixed media to build up textures, pattern and colour Kathy produces decorative and imaginative pieces. She finds that an intricate and exciting image can be achieved by combining scraps of paper and material with paint. Various craft projects as well as an interest in Art Deco have influenced her style and she is now endeavouring to combine the contrasting methods.

She has exhibited for a number of years locally and in the past has been associated with the Society of Graphic Fine Art where she received a prize. Kathy enjoys working with children and says that their freeness of expression is very inspiring.