Sarah Stephens

Sarah has had a camera since she was a teenager but became really serious about photography with the purchase of her first digital camera. Having done evening classes and some degree-level studying, she started her business in 2010. She specialises in work in the heritage sector and has worked for a number of museums in the Eastern region. Her passion is still life photography.

She has many influences, but the photographers who have had the most impact on her are Andre Kertesz, Walker Evans, Ansel Adams (for the amazing tonality in his work) and Skipology (who creates atmospheric and beautiful images shot and edited on an iPhone).

On a daily basis, she looks for work that can challenge and inspire her on the web: art, music, poetry and books or anything that sparks ideas. She believes that whatever you look at, you can draw on something as inspiration for your work. Before having a family, she had a 15-year career in training and development for retail businesses. Running workshops to help others gain confidence with their cameras was a natural progression of her business. She runs a series of workshops and one-to-one lessons in photography and editing.

She also runs workshops for the heritage sector (with SHARE Museums East) on photography skills and managing digital image collections. She believes that you can produce great photographs regardless of what equipment you have, providing you understand how to get the best from it. All her workshops have this as a guiding principle.

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