Sue Culling

Sue CullingSue lives with her husband and two naughty cats in Rayleigh Essex.  She has two children and five grandchildren, and when she’s not enjoying time with them she loves working with fused glass.  She is fascinated by the way glass can be fashioned to create items that can be functional, decorative, whimsical … or all three!

Sue started her obsession with glass many years ago doing a year’s course in stained glass. This continued with copper foiling and then a course in fusing.  This quickly led to Sue buying her own kiln and, when she was in danger of taking over the whole house with glass, finally a studio at the bottom of the garden.

The joy and excitement of working with glass is that every piece is different and each time the lid is lifted on the kiln there may be a disappointment (rarely), a happy accident (sometimes) or a unique piece of artwork (always)!  She tends to use bullseye glass, which is made in America, because of its vibrant colours which are many and varied.  Her inspiration is from everyday objects, from the texture of textiles to patterns on porcelain and in nature.  At the moment, she is working on pieces that use glasses which react with each other to produce weird and interesting effects.