Spatulas by Tim Foxall


No two spatulas will ever be exactly the same. Each piece of wood is different, and the shape, curve and grain make up the character of each spatula. Cut, sanded, finished and oiled by hand, each one is unique, and the photographs should be treated as a fair guide only. Stand not included.

Height: approx. 30cm

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Original, variable and ergonomic designs, band-sawn on the curve from locally-sourced hardwoods (not steamed). Individually drawn-on freehand, scroll-sawn out freehand, sanded in six processes then oiled and labelled. 10″ to 12″ long.

The ecological and sensual alternative to plastic and metal utensils.

They HAVE to be used!

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Venus de milo, Dog, Cello / Violin, Basting Shark, Dancer (with apologies to Picasso), Miro's Cat, Hail Caesar Salad